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Acoustic Technology MFG has been handcrafting hi-fi devices customized to the client since 2006.

Our specialty is making Hypex class D power amplifiers, specifically the modules with UCD technology and recently NCORE, high power modules which are perfect to equip small home cinemas or to make the most difficult speakers in the market sound forcefully. We have combined different Hypex NCORE amplifier modules with DSP processors to get active bi-amplifications and tri-amplification systems.


To make our amplifiers, we chose each element and each material in minute detail until we find a uniform design.

Thanks to our engineers, we have achieved much more stylized and well-finished designs. In addition, as it is the case with the model EPM1, the inside is strategically designed for the installation of the power modules so that the heat dissipation is uniform throughout the chassis. The sum of a lot of little details results in something great.